About Us

Lockdown Visual Systems is a project born out of the current crisis we find ourselves in. Both collaborators in the project, Jared Hutsby and Oliver Gorman, are lighting technicians in the entertainment industry. We have both found ourselves, along with countless others across many industries, at home with no work on the horizon. The idea for the project came from a discussion with a long-time friend and DJ, Andy Clark, whom we used to work on events with. Andy has a career in engineering and for many years we intended on hosting more events but finding time when we were all free to put on any was difficult. There was an irony in the fact we now had quite a large amount of excess time, but no ability to host a gig due to the current pandemic!

The concept is simple, to create a virtual 3D environments in which we control the lighting and visuals in real time to the artists, who are streaming directly to us, package it and livestream to multiple platforms. We intend to create an immersive experience for the viewer, a platform in which an artist can reach their audience in a creative and exciting way, to bring the elements of a ‘real’ live experience into peoples’ homes at a time when they cannot access it in any other way.

Everything started with VClub, where DJ’s could stream to us from the comfort of their own homes. We are now exploring how the concept can be adapted and expanded to all aspects of the Events Industry, Education and beyond!

Meet the Team

Oliver ‘Oli’ Gorman

Oliver was the first person Jazz came to with the original idea and together spent many weeks testing and consolidating the platform that we started on.
Also originally a lighting technician in the events industry, he has a good knowledge of computers and software including Vectorworks, Unreal Engine and Cinema 4D, he is now looking into how to develop the virtual environments further and how we can push the envelope for live virtual events.
Most days you’ll find him sat in front of his computer trying out, sometimes unsuccessfully, new software we can use.

Jared ‘Jazz’ Hutsby

Jazz is the one who the initial idea many months ago to look into bringing events into the virtual space.
Originally a lighting designer and lighting technician, Jazz has used a variety of software including Vectorworks, Blender and L8, he has intimate knowledge of 3D modelling and design and was the person who first came up with our original Arches model for VClub. He spends most of his time behind either his lighting desk or in front of Blender.

Andy ‘Twandy’ Clark

Andy is our resident music man, he has been helping us organise and promote all of our events and streams. He has been crucial in getting our name out there and getting us in touch with the right people, and also keeping right at times!
Andy has run his own label Clutch Trax for the last decade and has a long history as a DJ and all round music connoisseur.
Andy also works as a marine engineer and is very well known for being a hard worker and a reliable person.
You’ll usually find Andy either behind his mixer at home or, nowadays, on his parenting schedule!.

Johnny ‘Whoop’ Mitchell

Johnny has been crucial in helping develop the brand and branch out of the club scene into education and corporate clients.
Originally from Glasgow, Johnny has been based in Dubai for the last 6 years and has worked as a technician for over a decade now. Previously a DJ, this means that Johnny has a wide range of knowledge in the events and music sectors. As a skilled businessman and project manager, he is a useful asset to the team.
Johnny can usually be found behind his command station style desk/DJ booth or caring for his two children.

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